Tony Rich

  • Tony Rich

Session III Speaker, Saturday, September 17

Tony Rich, Industrial Hygienist, Photographic Historian and ADAO Prevention Advisory Board Member, has literally served “in the trenches” as an industrial hygienist and environmental technician in the consulting field for the past 28 years, specializing in asbestos-related work, including: inspection surveys, abatement monitoring/sample analyses, regulatory compliance, and worker training. He has also received microscopy training from McCrone Research Institute for identification of bulk asbestos via polarized-light microscopy (PLM). Through the course of his occupation and personal endeavor, Tony has developed an extensive and compelling collection of asbestos-related photographs, product materials, artifacts, historical books, industry documents, film archives, and other related media which have been utilized in a multitude of applications for various organizations worldwide, including, but not limited to: product and material research, asbestos awareness education blogs, informational presentations, corporate and governmental training programs, regulatory guidance documents, science and trade publications, university textbooks, museum, conference exhibits, and even as legal evidence.