Sean and Nicole Shields

  • Sean and Nicole Shields

Session I Speakers, Saturday, September 17

Sean Shields and Nicole Shields are the children of William “Bill” Shields, who was diagnosed in 2003 with mesothelioma; he was an influencer and one of the primary reasons ADAO was founded as his family sought to fight for the rights of asbestos victims globally alongside Linda Reinstein. He unfortunately passed away in 2004 so he never got to see the strides ADAO made but he is surely looking down now in awe of the progress. Nicole, as a salon and business development manager, does fundraising and social media advocacy. Sean is a classically trained graphic artist and was honored to be able to design the ADAO logo. Sean and Nicole are committed to helping ADAO continue its mission to ban asbestos, now more than ever, and continue to shine the torch of education.