Brad Black, MD

  • Brad Black, MD

Session I Moderator, Saturday, September 18

Brad Black, MD is Senior Medical and Research Advisor at the Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD Clinic) in Libby, Montana and he also serves as Lincoln County Montana’s Public Health Officer. Black founded the CARD Clinic, and served as its Medical Director and CEO until early 2021 when he transitioned away from patient care to focus on scientific and research pursuits. The CARD Clinic continues to provide asbestos health screening and care to a population with significant Libby Amphibole exposures and diseases. Since 2000, Dr. Black has had the opportunity to care for thousands of patients and this longitudinal observation of progressive pleural fibrosis has led to a clear characterization of Libby amphibole asbestos disease. He has been published in numerous peer reviewed medical journals and has instituted collaborations with multiple academic centers around the U.S. Dr. Black is currently working to establish a Libby Amphibole registry and science advisory group for ongoing support of the CARD Clinic and all of those impacted by Libby Amphibole exposures.