Brad Black, MD

  • Brad Black, MD

Session II Speaker, Friday, September 17

Dr. Black is Senior Medical and Research Advisor for CARD. He retired from his position as CEO and Medical Director in May of 2021, but he continues to be a leading advocate for healthcare, treatment, and research to benefit those impacted by Libby amphibole asbestos. A pediatrician by specialty, he additionally spent 10 years as the Medical Director for Libby’s urgent care center and served as an emergency room physician prior to CARD. Lincoln County Health Officer since 1984, Dr. Black has become dedicated to developing the healthcare infrastructure for the county including asbestos related disease healthcare. He was integral in the planning and implementation of the original ATSDR asbestos health screening program and the development of CARD Clinic. With support from Dr. Alan Whitehouse, a Spokane Pulmonologist, and many years of experience, Dr. Black has become an expert in identifying and managing Libby amphibole asbestos diseases. His dedication is appreciated greatly by CARD as well as the community.